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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Creating A Motivating Workspace With Wayfair

At the beginning of the year, I created a short post highlighting some of my goals for 2016. Among them was the aim to redecorate and restyle my bedroom by Easter. Although the redecoration has been put on the back burner for the time being, I decided to go ahead and start buying little bits and pieces to begin reorganising my room. 

The area in most need of some love and attention was my sorry looking desk that had definitely seen some better days. Rather than being somewhere I could work from, it had turned into a bit of a bookshelf and dumping ground. Covered in random paraphernalia from my bedroom and stacks of books I hadn't bothered to put away properly, it wasn't really enticing me to sit down and begin studying or writing. 

I began by clearing the space and buying some stationary. Knowing that this would be a big job, I decided to buy a few pieces at a time, saving items I really loved in shopping baskets so I could later return to them. One of these items happened to be Wayfair's Endon Lighting Globe Bookends in Copper. Which is why I was so thrilled when they contacted me, asking if I could use some of their products to revamp an area of my bedroom. Of course it was going to be my desk! 

I had so much fun creating a workspace that makes me feel excited and invigorated about sitting down and beginning something. You can check out more details about my desk's mini makeover on Wayfair's Inspiration blog here


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