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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Spring Mini-Goals

Spring is once again just a moment away and I'm feeling extremely excited at the prospect of a new season and all the goodness it brings. 

I've been pretty good with sticking to my 2016 goals so far. 

My bedroom is being painted this weekend, the beginning of Spring means that I can renew my swimming membership soon and I'm still enjoying a vegan lifestyle. The studying and keyboard playing have taken a slight backseat recently but I'm sure there will be plenty of time for that in the coming months. 

To keep myself motivated and frankly, just because I bloody love a good list. I've decided to create some mini-goals for this season.  

Complete Capsule Wardrobe

I fell in love with this idea whilst watching Anna's video and realising that I probably wear about 2% of my current wardrobe. This is partly thanks to my wearing a uniform for most of the week and pyjamas for the rest of it. It seems like a genuinely brilliant idea for making the most of the clothes you do have and clearing some space. A spring clean if you will.  

I have already begun the sorting process and have managed to get rid of three bags of clothes so far. It seems that my nights of wringing my hands in exasperation at having nothing to wear were quite unnecessary! I'm still struggling with my little hoarder tendencies so there is still more to be done. I'm hoping to have it completed by the end of March. 

Try At Least Three New Recipes

I've been a vegan for just over 6 months now and rather embarrassingly for someone who loves to cook, I haven't tried many new recipes. There are five or six meals that I make regularly in a rotation and to be honest, it's starting to get a little boring now. YouTube channels like Hot For Food always leave my mouth watering and fill me with an enthusiasm to try new things. I also have quite a lot of recipe books and magazines collected over the years that I could adapt to make some really good food. There's not really any excuse! 

Control Stress Levels 

This is probably the biggest goal I'll be trying to tackle as I am such a stress bunny. I tend to keep quiet for a long time about things that are bothering me and weighing me down until I reach breaking point and snap. Usually resulting in emotional outbursts, continuous moaning to the point where I bore even myself (sorry friends and family) and becoming physically ill. Unfortunately stress is the main trigger for my chronic illness, so it's important I try to keep it to a minimum. 

A recent bout of severe tonsillitis left me lying in bed for two weeks, unable to go out and do anything. By the time I'd finally started to feel better, I was climbing the walls. It's not natural to be kept inside for so long and I was longing to gulp down some fresh air. Luckily the weather improved at just the right time and I began taking lengthy walks. I can't explain how much they have lifted my mood. With the sun shining down, a cool breeze whipping my hair around my face and my favourite songs playing, it's so invigorating and I can really feel the endorphins working their magic. I'm hoping to continue going for my walks and as the weather improves, try to go a little further each time. 

 I've also been trying meditation on and off for around a year now and it has helped a little. It will probably benefit me more if I made it a part of my daily routine, rather than just trying to grab 15 minutes of peace every now and then. I'm working on putting together a little bedtime routine that I can complete every day and that sends me into a restful sleep. Of course this involved a little online shopping... I can't wait for my new bath salts and face mask to be delivered. I could use a little pamper time!

Do you have any goals for Spring?



  1. I love a good list too XD Good luck with all your goals! Jas x
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