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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Monthly Summary: November

This past month has really made me realise how much my friends are all growing up. I've visited quite a few new houses/flats and been to yet another engagement party. It's mind-blowing how much has changed in the last year and I'm so happy for all of them. Aside from these little ventures I haven't been up to a great deal in November as I have been working quite a lot of extra hours. It's tiring but I always feel rewarded knowing that I have completed my to-do lists. Most of my evenings have comprised of heading to bed early, reading a book and drinking a lot of tea. To avoid being a complete hermit, I have invited some friends over a couple of times to switch up the tea for a glass of wine and reading a book for watching Geordie Shore. 

What I've Been Reading

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Story Behind The Photo - With our heads pounding and mouths dry, my best friend and I dragged our broken, hungover bodies to the nearest pub in search of food and something we affectionately refer to as "pump coke". 

What's Happening Next Month

CHRISTMAS! I'm planning on being in the UK for the foreseeable future so my hopes of visiting a German Christmas market have been dashed. Instead I'll be heading up to London with my family for our annual shopping trip and may even make it to Winter Wonderland this year. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and family a lot more, wrapping gifts and experimenting with some cooking. It's going to be my first vegan Christmas! 

What are you looking forward to in December?



  1. It looks like you've had a busy month working!! Hope you can get away for some travels soon :) How is Goldfinch?? I've seen it everywhere but haven't read it yet.

    1. Ah I hope so too. So looking forward to a little break from work at Christmas, even if I am stuck in the UK! I'm still reading it at the moment, it's pretty good so far. I'll be writing a little review as soon as I've completed it. :)

  2. How sweet is it that your friends are getting engaged and that they are moving to new houses????
    You must have had a very very very busy month, but now you can relax and enjoy a peaceful December!

    I like your reading list!! I am going to dive in it =)

    1. Yes, I'm looking forward to a little rest and doing more of what I enjoy :) Glad you like the reading list!


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