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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Travel Blogger Who Can't Travel

At the beginning of 2015 I set myself three resolutions that I thought would be pretty easy to achieve; to create, to travel & to be happy. Part of me thinks that doing this is what created the pressure I put on myself with blogging this year. When creating content I began to do the one thing that bloggers are warned not to. I started comparing myself to others. I wanted my posts to be absolutely perfect, with content that is engaging and of a good quality. Focusing on this began to stop making the writing side fun. I felt constricted with the words that were flowing from my fingers and began to over-edit the majority of my posts. Pretty much all of these were scrutinised by myself so thoroughly that most were deemed unworthy and deleted.

It got me wondering when I stopped blogging for myself and started blogging for others. This piece of the internet used to be cathartic for me, but now it was causing me a massive amount of stress. Was I posting enough? Am I tweeting the right things?

In addition to this, I began to worry that I wasn't going to have enough material for posts. I've always been rather hesitant about slapping a label on this blog and throwing myself into a niche. This blog actually began as a bit of a beauty blog titled 'LBLENX" before I realised how much I enjoy travel writing and changed to "Tea & Post". Even whilst choosing the name, I did so knowing that I am indecisive and frequently change my mind about what I enjoy doing. I thought I was giving myself the liberty of being able to write about whatever I wanted. But somehow, I feel as though I've ended up boxing myself into the travel blogger category. Which is one that I really enjoy, but not something I have the ability to do all the time. 

At the beginning of this year I had a plan in place that is very different from the one I'm living now. I was going to save a little money from temporary work and had even put a deposit down on a trip to work in Canada. However, fate had another plan in store for me and I had to make a choice. This has ultimately lead to the work and study I'm doing now that will really benefit me in the future. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity I've been given, but it's left me a little short in the change department. As much as I hope next year will be full of adventures, it's more likely that I will be in the UK for most of the year paying off my debts and studying to be an accountant. Which doesn't make for much travel writing or interesting stories. 

Rather than pull my hair out about this and completely give up on my blog, I'm going to accept my change of path and take the same route on here. I want this blog to be my outlet again, to be fun again. Of course there will still be an occasional travel post as I'm still incredibly passionate about travelling every inch of the globe, but I won't be forcing it. If you still want to read this blog (which I really hope you do!) then you can probably expect to see more of...

book reviews
homeware inspiration
restaurant reviews
chatty posts 
photo diaries 

I hope you'll stick with me whilst I try to figure this all out :) 


  1. Thanks for sharing, I love this post :) I always worry that I don't have enough material for a post, but then sometimes I just go for it and love the end results anyway. Blogging for me is happiness lol


    1. I used to feel that way, I'm not sure what changed really! Slowly learning to love it again now I've taken the pressure off myself :)

  2. I know how this feels :( Even if you blog about everyday life in England, though, it will seem like travel blogging to your readers from other countries!

    1. It's been rubbish realising that I loathe something that I once loved to do. I'm not sure my everyday life is interesting enough for blogging but that is a good point! I hadn't thought of it being considered travel blogging before. Thanks for the comment :)


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