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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Monthly Summary: September

I'd have to say September has probably been my favourite month so far this year. It's just been so jam packed with so many things, I love being busy and always having something to concentrate on. I get a bit lax otherwise. After celebrating birthdays in Athens, my family and I flew back just in time for a memorial service before we headed back to the airport. Tenerife was a beautiful island to visit although we were cursed with cloud for the majority of our stay. The sun appeared every now and then and it was still blissfully warm. My highlight was  probably our boat trip where we went dolphin and whale watching. There's something about being out on the waves that makes me feel so peaceful and it was truly special seeing these beautiful creatures splashing and playing in their natural environment. I didn't want to go back to shore! Since returning to the UK I've had my head down in my books studying for my ever looming exam. It's now officially booked, paid for and I'll be sitting it in just three weeks. Eep!

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Story Behind The Photo: I flew to Athens to celebrate my birthday with my parents this year and my Mum booked us a table at a restaurant I'd been dying to try for ages. This was the view from the top once the sun had set and Athens began to light up. Just as I was about to take a photo of the glowing Parthenon, a lady plonked herself down at the table opposite and completely blocked my view. I had to embarrass my parents and stand up to grab this shot, sitting down again quickly before the waiter arrived.

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I'm so excited that it's finally October although a little confused as to where the rest of this year has gone. I'm sure time passes quicker as I get older. I can't wait to start doing all the standard autumn things, like walking through piles of crunchy leaves, drinking pumpkin flavoured beverages and snuggling under blankets. There's not a great deal planned for this month other than my exam and of course, Halloween. One I'm dreading, the other can't come fast enough! 

What Are You Planning To Do In October?


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