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Monday, 28 September 2015

Interior Inspiration: Bedroom

I've recently been having a clear out of everything in my bedroom that I no longer need or use anymore. I'm a bit of a hoarder and the piles of clothes, papers and other random items was starting to get a little overwhelming. The whole clearing out process has really got me thinking and at the moment my room just feels like the place where I sleep. I want to make it cosy, somewhere that I actually want to sit and relax. It's been a while since I've properly redecorated, I splashed some white paint on the walls a year or two ago at an attempt to brighten the room up but it just feels lifeless and plain. A little snoop on Pinterest has really inspired me and I'm thinking of shuffling the furniture round and maybe changing to a new colour scheme. 

Instead of hiding away my items from travelling I want to display them, hang up some fairy lights and turn my bed into the comfiest place on earth. It'll be a while before I actually put the changes in place as I want to be definite about my decisions and not change everything as a whim. Maybe I'll even show the final results on here!



  1. I love white and simple, my new bedroom is going to be mostly white with subtle hints of colour =]


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