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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Climbing The Acropolis: Photo Diary

Despite visiting Athens several times, I've been a bit rubbish with sight-seeing. I've always ventured a little further afield in search of ruins and historical sights, choosing to visit Delphi and Corinth rather than the Parthenon. Figuring it was about time I actually visited Greece's most famous former temple, my best friend and I headed there on a Sights of Athens city bus. 

It was a scorching hot day and we were dreading the climb up the Acropolis. After buying a huge bottle of water each we began the ascent, to find it wasn't quite the Mount Everest we were expecting! We were treated to some lovely views of the city from the top and I was surprised to find it wasn't quite as crowded as I'd expected. It's definitely worth doing if you're in the city and I can't believe it took me as long as it did to visit there. Make sure you wear plenty of suncream and sensible shoes if you do go. We had a few slips on the marble surface and had to head back down earlier than we'd liked thanks to our reddening faces. Luckily there's a little shop selling frozen drinks halfway down where we cooled off before heading back to the bus.

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