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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sunbathing In Athens: A Day At Alikes Beach

I always considered Athens as a busy, dusty city until I visited for the first time last year. Since then I've been lucky enough to return on several occasions and I seem to discover something new every time. This week has been the first summer I have spent here, so I was delighted to find that there are several beaches all within driving distance of central Athens. On our first day we decided to take the little drive to Alikes Beach. 

We were feeling pretty peckish when we arrived, having skipped breakfast in favour of a lie in. There are a number of beach bars lining the road opposite the beach where you can stop for a spot of lunch. After seeing the comfy looking loungers and swimming pool, we opted for Ippokampos Beach Bar where we quickly perused the menu before ordering a greek salad to split and some tzatziki. I'd really forgotten how fresh and beautiful the food tastes out here. We couldn't get enough of the tomatoes! 
After stuffing ourselves silly we headed down to the beach. As 'peak season' is now over it was pretty quiet and there were an abundance of sun loungers to choose from. Snoozing under the sun and having a gentle swim in the clear blue water were pretty much all we did. It was really nice to just sit and chill for a while with a gorgeous view. 
After such a relaxing time I was kind of hoping we would make it to another beach before this trip is over but it seems unlikely now as we're running out of time. I'll have to visit next summer and see what other beaches Athens has to offer.

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