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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

25 Goals Before I'm 25

Last year I created a list of goals I'd hoped to reach before I turned 24, unfortunately I was only able to complete a small handful of them. This year I'm doing the same thing again except with perhaps more realistic goals that I can actually reach! 

Read 50 New Books
 Visit The Roman Baths In The UK
Pay Off My Debts
Go Parasailing

Buy A New Bike & Ride To Work
Become A PADI Qualified Diver
Improve My Overall Fitness & Health
Climb Up The O2 Building
Continue With My Daily Journal

Attend An Overseas Festival
Create More Travel Videos
Travel To At Least One New Country 
Take Up Horse-Riding Again
Try At Least Five Restaurants From My Wishlist

Learn To Sail 
Take My Parents Out To Dinner
Visit The New Forest
Learn To Cook At Least Five New Meals
 Go Hiking For A Few Days 

Pass At Least 5 ACCA Exams
Begin Putting Money Into Savings & Not Taking It Out Again
Try At Least Three New Things
Buy Pretty New Shoes
Rewatch The Entire Harry Potter Series

Do you have any goals you hope to meet before your next birthday?


  1. I've only got 9 days til my 25 and have no goals at all haha


  2. You have some great goals on your list! The Roman Baths are really lovely so you should enjoy your visit there, good luck with achieving them :)

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella

  3. Really looking forward to going there! Thanks :) x

  4. Love that your picked a mixture of straight up fun, sensible and health goals...there's a hell of a lot on there to go at! Even if you only do 50% of those you'll have a ball :)

    1. Thanks Katy! Yeah I hope I can manage at least half of them :)


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