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Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Sunday Post : Celebrations & Realisations

It seems so long ago that I was sunning myself in Ibiza. I can't believe it was just last weekend! We arrived back rather late on Tuesday night to a wet and windy UK, rather different from the 30 degree heat we had been enjoying. Luckily I had a study day on the Wednesday so there was no need for me to get changed out of my pyjamas all day. Result.
I've been finding it quite hard to motivate myself with studying at the moment, especially as I get to choose the exam dates myself for the first three. I kept putting it off, feeling nervous as I haven't sat an exam in 6 years and the first two are supposed to be easy. What if I fail them?! After having a little chat with my mentor I figured out that I'm definitely overthinking everything and revising far more than is needed. I only need a pass mark above 50%, the perfectionist in me is trying to get 100%. I've finally decided on the 22nd October as the best date to sit the first one. I'm still super nervous but I feel much better having a target to work towards. 

There have also been a few celebrations this week, the first being my uncle's birthday. We went for a lovely meal at Toulouse which is just along the seafront. If you're ever in the area you should check it out, they do a brilliant steak! We washed our meals down with several glasses of wine and I felt myself quite light headed by the end of the meal. Which is why I posted a wonky instagram for #WIDN, I feel so cross with myself every time I look at it!

Yesterday I went to a BBQ where we celebrated the engagement of some friends. I can't believe they're getting married, it's such an adult thing to do! There were also several drinks there and I've been feeling quite sorry for myself today as a result of that. I know everyone says they're never drinking again when they feel rough but I'm honestly considering ditching the booze. Whilst it does relax me and makes it easier for me to be more sociable in situations, I can't seem to stop once I've started. It's not fun always being the drunk one who can't remember anything and embarrasses herself. There's another party next week (my own!) and a festival coming up so I know it's going to be difficult to resist temptation, but I am going to try my best to stick to the sparkling water! 

Did you get up to much this week?

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