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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Chasing The Sunset In Ibiza

We landed in Ibiza rather late the night before, eager to get to the hotel, get changed and start the holiday as we intended to go on. After a lot of vodkas and some serious dancing in the West End, we found ourselves back at the hotel nursing sore heads and feeling really quite awful. Especially knowing we'd have to do the same again that night and the next. Napping and eating seemed our best options when it came to shaking off the hangover but after a very bland lunch served up by the hotel, it seemed we'd have to head further afield to satisfy our rumbly tummies for dinner. 

Our walk in search of food ended up on the sunset strip at a restaurant two of the girls had visited before, Savannah. Despite the clouds, the sky looked as though it was promising a lovely sunset and from our table we would have the perfect view.
Our food arrived just as the sky was beginning to turn orange. I'd chosen the salmon & wild rice salad which was amazing, each mouthful was bursting with the different flavours of lime, salt and coriander mixed with the meaty, seasoned fish. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.
We finished our meal, chatted and watched as the sun finally disappeared from the horizon and gave way to the darkness.

Feeling pretty relaxed after a quick massage from the Ibiza Angels (they wander round sunset strip offering 10 minute head, neck and shoulder massages) but still feeling a bit rubbish, I grabbed a coconut water from a stand on the walk back and headed to the hotel room whilst the others went off into the night for another round. I was looking forward to our plans for the next day and didn't want to ruin them with a hangover so spent my night in bed reading Game of Thrones. I'm turning into a old lady!

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