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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Glitter & Guetta: A Night Out At Ushuaïa, Ibiza

Thanks to my early night, my final day in Ibiza was hangover free and I was so ready to get my glitter on and head to one of Ibiza's biggest venues where David Guetta would be DJ-ing. As it was the only night we were going to be spending away from the West End, we figured we'd like to really make the night sparkle. After trying a few places that weren't open until later, we headed to the slightly more expensive Kiss My Fairy where we were dusted and painted. I can't think of a better job to do in Ibiza to be honest. Covering people in glitter all day in a shop opposite the beach sounds perfect (please hire me!).

A few drinks at the hotel, some selfies and a touch up of make up and we were ready to roll. We were very excited in the taxi, I felt a bit sorry for the driver listening to our singing. 

Nervo, an Australian duo, were on first as the supporting act. They were bloody amazing. I am gobsmacked that I hadn't heard of them before and if possible, I enjoyed them more than David himself! 
The crowd erupted as fireworks went whizzing over our heads and David came on stage. We had a little dance near the front of the stage before having to move further to the side. I'm not too great with crowds and it was stifling. Unfortunately the only way of getting some hydration was paying 9 euros for a bottle of water. Absolute madness! When the other girls began to flag we figured we would call it quits and head back to the hotel for more pre-drinks and go onto another club.

Our tummies were beginning to kindly remind us that we hadn't really eaten since lunch time, no food and lots of booze never ends well so we decided to be sensible and stop for KFC. Sadly this was too sensible and we found ourselves yawning uncontrollably as the chicken sobered us up. In the end only three of us made it to Eden, a club near our hotel that we'd somehow wrangled a VIP flyer for.  A bottle of Cava did little to lift our energy and in the end we decided to go back to the hotel for some sleep before our flight the next day. 

Ibiza was just as good to me the second time round and I created so many funny memories with these girls during our trip. My only regret is that we were there for just 3 nights. I'm not as used to hangovers as I was a year ago because I don't seem to go out clubbing much anymore. I think a week will definitely be needed next time so we can alternate nights out and nights in. There has already been talk of another visit next year, I really hope I can go! 

Have you ever been on a drinking holiday?
How do you manage more than one night in a row?


  1. looks like you has a fantastic time


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