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Friday, 31 July 2015

Monthly Summary: July

July has been a month where it has been both hot, hot, hot in the UK and also pouring with rain, brutally windy and miserable. The Great British summer has well and truly arrived! Luckily I was able to escape for a week to somewhere where the sun doesn't stop shining, Portugal. The rest of my month was pretty much spent getting ready for this trip and also preparing myself for next month which will be the busiest of the year by far! 
What I've Been Reading

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Story Behind The Photo: We were on a flight back to the UK from Faro airport when I was interrupted from my reading by a golden light shining in my eyes. When I looked up I saw this beautiful sunset and decided to take a quick snap of it. I love seeing the sun go down whilst on a flight, it take so long as you fly over different countries that it feels as though you're chasing it. 

What's Happening Next Month

August is shaping up to be the busiest and most exciting month of this year. Beginning with a much needed spa day thanks to my lovely auntie, it's the perfect time to pamper myself as my body will be undergoing a bit of a beating the week after. I'll be heading to Ibiza for a weekend with some of the girls for a weekend of drinking, dancing and sunbathing. Dotted around are various birthday and engagement parties, including my own joint birthday party with one of my best buddies. I'm hoping my fancy dress turns out ok! At the end of the month I'm heading up to Liverpool for Creamfields festival before I rush back to London to catch a flight to Athens.

What do you have planned for next month?



  1. Replies
    1. This one's going to be crazy busy, I'm a bit scared haha!

  2. How lovely to be busy with such nice things - enjoy every second of it all :)


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