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Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Perfect Day In Aegina

 After spending most of the morning wandering the dark streets of Athens trying to find our coach, I was pretty excited when we finally pulled up to Alimos Marina. We arrived under a sky of pinks and peaches as the sun rose over the still water, illuminating the hundreds of boats docked there. Cameras clicked away as myself and other bloggers on the trip tried to make the most of golden hour. After a quick breakfast on our small boat, we sailed away from Athens and began making our way to the island of Aegina. This was my first time on a sailing boat and honestly, I can't wait to get on another one. There's nothing quite like sitting on the edge of a boat breathing in the salty air and watching land faint into the distance. It was pretty magical.

Eventually a small island faded into view, lush green hills speckled with the odd building and a tiny town. After disembarking (not so gracefully, I was terrified of dropping my camera in the water as I edged across a plank that bobbed up and down) we were welcomed with mounds of pistachios and glasses of ouzo before boarding a bus that would take us around the island.  

Aegina is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and I've really struggled to put into words how pretty it is, to be honest the photos speak for themselves.Whilst there we visited several old churches filled with paintings and candles, stopped by the ruins of the Sanctuary of Aphaea and had lunch in a seaside café. The day ended with us sailing back to Athens playing a card game, drinking shots and watching a glorious sunset.

As we were in a small sailing boat, it took quite a while for us to reach Aegina. There is also a ferry which only takes around an hour to get there but doesn't give quite the same experience. I'm definitely going to try and head back there the next time I'm in Athens as I feel I only caught a glimpse of this stunning island.

Thanks to Grazy Travel and TBEX for a wonderful, complimentary experience. 


  1. I am so beyond jealous of this...I want to go to Europe so badly. That sunset at the top is to die for. Hope you had fun :)


  2. Wow it looks so beautiful! I visited Lindos in Rhodes last summer and it was amazing!

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  3. Beautiful place to visit, The town of Aegina has many attractions, a ride through the town with a horse carriage is a nice experience and a good way to enjoy the sights of the capital. Thanks for sharing this guide with us, full day Taxi in agra


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