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Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter Wanderlust

Trying to decide whether I like winter or not is a bit of a conundrum for me. For most of the year I find myself looking on winter with rose tinted glasses, longing for a frosty morning where I can sip a festively flavoured coffee and snuggle into a warm jumper. I daydream about chilly evenings spent next to a roaring fire with a glass of red wine and a really good book. Yet when winter does come round I turn into the biggest moaner there is.

I detest it. 

The time of year where it's near enough impossible to get any feeling in my hands, feet or the tip of my nose. I can't stop sneezing or coughing and my voice is that of a teenage boy going through puberty. As for snow, pah! I should be so lucky. We get the odd flurry where I live and it generally last about an hour before turning into slush and then ice. Every year I always seem to go flying, hitting the very solid ground like a sack of spuds.
I'm going to blame my current hatred of this season on where I live. A small, seaside town that whilst charming in the summer, turns into a soggy, windy hellhole at the end of the year. My dreams of a Pinterest worthy winter are only ever going to be squashed here. I want mountains, log cabins, piles of snow and Northern Lights. As they're not going to magically appear on my doorstep any time soon, I tried to find them in the only place I could from the comfort of my bedroom. The Internet.

Nuremberg, Germany

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During the winter months the city of Nuremberg fills up with people planning to visit the famous Christkindlesmarkt. If I had my way I'd be there with them, walking the cobbled stones amongst the glow of fairy lights and browsing stalls piled high with Christmas paraphernalia. Christkindlesmarkt dates all the way back to the 16th century and is supposedly one of the best German markets to visit in the world. I'd also love to explore the city more, visiting the castle and wandering further into Old Town, an area that wouldn't look out of place in a fairytale.

Paris, France

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I last visited Paris in 2012 towards the end of their winter. It was pretty chilly but a lot less busy than in the summer months. We layered up, put on some fur coats and set out to see as many sights as possible in the short time we had. I'd love to visit again, maybe just before Christmas this time. Stopping by Champs D'Elysées to see the decorations, going ice skating on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower and grabbing a hot chocolate at Angelina's are all musts. 

Lapland, Finland

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For a truly magical winter wonderland experience I'd love to visit Finland, this time of year would definitely call for a trip to Lapland. As well as being able to witness the aurora borealis there's also the possibility of skiing, warming up in a Finnish sauna and if you have the kids with you, a little trip to meet Santa. I'd love to go on a reindeer ride, or even better, being pulled on a sledge by a team of beautiful huskies.

New York City, USA

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To me, New York seems to be the ULTIMATE destination for Christmas. I adored the city the last time I visited but during it's most festive and fun season, I think I'd fall in love even more. From ice skating in Central Park to seeing the famous Rockefeller tree, there's just so much to do it'll be impossible for you to be a Scrooge. It's far too late to arrange a trip this year but I'm hoping I can maybe fit it in next year? Fingers crossed!

Where do you want to go this winter?


  1. This winter I'm going to Vienna! I can't wait to see this beautiful city! I also kind of wish I could go to NYC for Christmas.. haha! Maybe some other time.

    1. Ahh have a fantastic time in Vienna, I'm jealous!

  2. We've just had a warm day (36 degrees) in Perth, Western Australia and I've spent all day dreaming if a white Christmas, doesn't matter where as long as it snows!

    1. I wish we'd had a white christmas, unfortunately the snow seems to miss us most years now. Seems to be raining most of the time instead :( Hope you had a great Christmas!


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