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Sunday, 9 November 2014

My TBEX Highlights

I first heard of TBEX earlier this year when a fellow travel blogger and friend asked if I was going. Held several times a year in different countries, TBEX is a blogging conference where travel bloggers and companies mingle. It's a goldmine for business opportunities and a place where the more experienced bloggers can share their knowledge.  I'm quite lucky that I have family living in Athens which is where TBEX Europe was held this year. As I was already intending on visiting the city for at least two weeks in October to spend some time with my dad, I figured why not extend the trip and see what TBEX had to offer as well.  I booked my ticket and spent several months excitedly waiting for the date to arrive.

My first day at TBEX was overwhelming in the best sense of the word. There were so many company representatives, so many bloggers and we were being given so much information. It felt like I was scribbling away in my notebook non-stop! I came away from the event feeling inspired, refreshed and as if I understood the travel blogging world a lot more. I can't wait to start implementing changes on my blog and it's made me so excited for what 2015 has to bring. I'm hoping to attend TBEX again next year, there's just so much to take on board I think it's impossible to reap all the benefits in just one visit.

Here are some of my highlights from this year that have made me want to return.


All of my previous visits to Greece have either been unfortunately fleeting or not required me to stray far from the resort. Deciding to spend a month in another country opened up a lot more time to see Athens and surrounding areas. At weekends I would explore the suburbs of Athens with my dad, taking a dip in Lake Vouliagmeni and having dinner in Stagmata several times. During the week when I was alone, I would head off on tours. Delving futher into Greece to areas such as Corinth and Nemea where I learnt more about Greek history and culture than I in any of my past trips.


Perhaps the part of TBEX I was most looking forward to, learning from other bloggers. I found each of the talks I attended to be really informative, useful and inspiring. Halfway through each one I had a sudden urge to head back to where I was staying, hole up and work on my blog. My personal favourite (and that of most bloggers I spoke to) was the branding talk by GreenGlobalTravel. It really gave me an idea of what blogging is about and where I can take my blog in the next year or so. 


Speed Networking was another highlight, although I foolishly didn't realise you had to book appointments before the event. Luckily, just by hanging around, I managed to wranbgle two meetings and speak to a few other representatives too. There will be hopefully be some future projects to come from these meetings that I can't wait to get started on.


The pre-BEX tours offered an opportunity to see different areas of Greece near Athens and to meet fellow bloggers. The boat trip to Aegina with Grazy Travel in particular remains a warm memory. It turns out sitting on a small sailboat with flecks of sea water splashing my face, the sun on my back and the wind in my hair makes me the happiest girl in the world. The island itself was spectacular, a green jewel set amongst a sparkling blue sea. It is possible to get the ferry to the island but I doubt it's as exhilarating as bouncing along in a little boat. I also got to head further north to see Delphi with KeyTours, the 'navel' of the earth. An archeological site surrounded by incredible mountains, I learnt so much on this trip.


During TBEX there were also several parties. As I had been so inspired during the days talks I actually only made it to one of them, the rest of the time I was planning. The opening party was fantastic and gave us the opportunity to sample Greek food, drink and music whilst socialising with our fellow bloggers. I really loved the band, it was great fun bopping along to their music with a beer in one hand.


  1. Hi Lauren! I loved reading about your experience at TBEX. I'm a new travel blogger and still don't know much about the conference, but reading about others' positive experiences makes me want to get involved ASAP! I know I could stand to learn a TON from other experienced bloggers and travel professionals. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I found it SO helpful, I came away with a lot more ideas and knowledge thanks to the event. Think it's on in Europe, Asia and North America in 2015. Can't wait to go again! Maybe see you at the next one :)

  2. This sounds like a really awesome experience and a great place to build on your blog. I'd love to attend an event like this.
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  3. Congratulations! You've got a lovely blog. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)


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