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Monday, 27 October 2014

Mare Marina, Flisvos

This view, a glass of white wine and a crisp salad were the perfect end to a busy few days at TBEX. I'd taken the tram down to Flisvos Marina to meet my dad and try out a restaurant I'd found on Google a few weeks before. Mare Marina, a seafood and sushi bar with a beautiful view of the sea aka everything I wanted in that moment. Unfortunately we were too early to try the sushi, Greeks eat very late (usually around 10-11pm) but luckily the restaurant itself was open.

We were advised that the portion sizes here are pretty big so we decided to share a starter, opting for the sautéed mushrooms with smoked pork, perfumed with wine from Nemea. Warm, fresh from the oven bread was mandatory for dipping. The little I had was really, really good, The sauce complemented the smoked pork perfectly. My dad particularly enjoyed it, I looked away for a moment and it was gone!

After having been spoilt with food at TBEX I figured it was probably time for a healthy meal. Being near the sea always gives me a craving for fresh fish and seafood so I figured the seafood salad would be ideal. Shrimp, smoked salmon and crab on a bed of crunchy lettuce, covered in an avocado vinegarette. It was SO delicious and also surprisingly filling. I thought I'd still have room for dessert after a salad but there was no chance!

Instead I settled back into my seat, sipped the remainder of my wine and watched the sunset. It was glorious.

If you're ever in Athens it's worth getting the tram down to Glyfada or Flisvos Marina for a bit of sea air. There are quite a few lovely restaurants and bars dotted around, if you wanted to check out Mare Marina you can find their website here.


  1. Oh wow! That sunset is incredible. Amazing post :) x x

  2. Thanks :) I do love a great sunset!


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