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Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Taste Of Berlin

I have to admit, when booking a trip to Berlin my first thought wasn't "I can't wait to try the food". I'd been warned by other people (and the internet) that German food was typically heavy and stodgy, usually in the form of thick stews which doesn't sound appealing in 30 degree sunshine. Instead I found myself pleasantly surprised. As usual I'd forgotten that as a city, Berlin also hosts an array of restaurants providing anything from Vietnam cuisine to American. It wasn't difficult finding anywhere to eat and I ended up really enjoying a lot of dishes. Here's a glimpse at what I enjoyed most from my stay.
We ate out pretty much every day during our time there and by doing so, we were able to sample a wide range of restaurants. I must say that the Vietnamese restaurant I got the Chicken Pho from (pictured above) did the most ridiculously amazing sushi, probably the best I've ever tasted. However, that wasn't my favourite restaurant that we ventured out to. That award goes to White Trash Fast Food.

An American diner set in the middle of no-where, entry is via a run down caravan that wouldn't look out of place in The Hills Have Eyes. A great deal of the seating is outdoors, close to the sizzling BBQ which emits mouth watering smells as the meat grills. Inside there is more seating, next to a stage where bands play and a door leading to a tattoo parlour. Yep, a tattoo parlour. Mental.My brother is an absolute burger fiend which is why I chose this place for his birthday meal, burgers are their specialty.

I'm generally not a burger fan but I was blown away by my 'Marquee de Fuck' masterpiece. The moment I bit into the soft, pillowy bun and tasted the juicy patty mixed with a mouthful of molten cheese and crisp salad, I fell in love. Juice dripping down my chin I conveyed my enthusiasm to my brother and cousin, they responded similarly. The burgers were a winner all round!We had a really fun evening after our burgers had been devoured as we settled down with a stein of German beer. The atmosphere of the restaurant was crackling, we listened to the band for a little while and chatted, before waddling with our full tummies to the train station. If you're ever in Berlin I'd definitely recommend making the journey to Treptower Park station, it's only a short walk from there. It's well worth it!



  1. Oh wow! Next time I'm in Berlin I have to check that place out.

    Hmm, I actually like German food. OK, some of it is a bit stodgy, but there's certainly more to it than stews!

  2. I really enjoyed the food! Guess it goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you're told :)

  3. All that food looks great! I love the idea of the American Diner, quite original. Seriously?! A tattoo parlour... That both quite funny and weird at the same time.


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