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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Chop Shop, Haymarket

Weekends are precious when you're working full time. I know I savour them as much as possible, whether I'm having a quiet one or intending to fit as much in as possible. Which is why when I was invited by my family to see Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit at Gielgud Theatre I said yes immediately. I've always loved the theatre but it had been far too long since I'd seen a new play in London. I tend to go back to my favourites instead.

As it's so rare that we venture into London together we decided to have an early dinner before the show, with the task of finding a restaurant being placed upon me. Naturally I tweeted, asking if any food bloggers could recommend a restaurant in the area. There were a few suggestions I was excited about but with a family of fusspots it was difficult to choose one that everyone would enjoy. That's when I saw someone suggesting Chop Shop. After a quick Google I discovered it would be perfect for all of us.

 We settled down and grabbed a few drinks whilst we perused the menu.

The crab cocktail jar caught my eye straight away, you can't go wrong with marie rose sauce and avocado! I spread the creamy mixture thickly onto a slice of sourdough toast and knew within my first bite that I'd made the right choice. I keep seeming to find new things that avocado compliments beautifully and crab has been added to that list.

Choosing a main was slightly more difficult as I fancied pretty much everything on the set menu. In the end the meat lover inside of me won and I opted for the hanger steak, served with rosemary and sea salt fries with a side of creamed spinach.  The meat was cooked to perfection for me (I adore rare steak) and melted in my mouth. It was indubitably one of the nicer steaks I've ever eaten.

We all really enjoyed both the food and service at Chop Shop and would recommend it to you if you're in the area. With the set menu it's not too pricey, a 2 course meal will set you back £19 or a 3 course meal will £22 which I don't think is too bad in London. If you fancy booking a table there for yourself you can do so easily on their website.


  1. Looks like a great set menu find for London! :)

  2. Ahh fussy families. I have one too! Such a drama but at least the steak was good :)

  3. I got a fussy family as well - the only thing that helps is saying: "We're going to eat at XY at ...., meet you there" - without any further explanation :) but the food looks good!

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