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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bone Daddies: Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden

This restaurant has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. So when the time came to meet up with a friend from my University days I booked a table immediately. I adore Japanese food, I might even prefer it to Thai!

Upon our arrival we were sat at the long table in the center of the restaurant. Similar to Wagamama, you never know who you will end up next to. It was fairly empty at first but soon filled up with others eager to sample the delicious food.

As sharing is caring we split our starters, both lovers of seafood we opted for the soft shell crab and the fried squid. The crab came with a jalapeno mayonnaise that complemented it perfectly.

Then came the buns. I know Heather was a bit worried that they would be doughy, but they were incredible. I believe they had been steamed so were light and moist with a pleasant texture.

Again we had opted to share our mains, although once we saw how much food there was we wished we had only ordered the one flesh dish. Heather chose the crispy duck leg, served with pickled cucumber and a plum sauce.

It's quite a messy business (if you're me anyway, I was getting it everywhere!) where you simply put as much of everything that you want into the bun. Give it a squish and chow down!

I was enticed by the crispy piglet belly as I don't often eat pork and it sounded delicious. I got very excited when it was brought to the table, it looked amazing and I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

The first mouthful of this baby had me umming in delight as I bit into the soft, pillowy bun getting a mouthful of sweet, juicy flesh with the crunchy skin. Together with the crisp salad and the tang of the mustard sauce it was perfection in a bite. I almost wish I hadn't offered to share it!

With our bellies full we had a quick glance at the dessert menu not expecting to want anything. However right at the top of the list were the s'mores, something I've never eaten before. We ordered one to share and waited excitedly. The fire pit was met by squeals of delight, from both of us and the girls sitting either side of us.

We toasted our marshmallows until they reached the perfect gooey consistency before laying them on the bed of biscuit and green tea chocolate. After squashing the other biscuit on top I took my first bite of a s'more and the combination is incredible. I'll definitely be making these at home!

If you're looking for really good, interesting food then I would 100% recommend Flesh and Buns to you. The service was fast and they kept our wine topped up all evening which always goes down well in my book. I was really impressed with the restaurant and will hopefully make a return visit very soon!



  1. oh my godddd, I am so hungry after looking at these pictures and reading your descriptions! I've decided I HAVE to go now!! xxx

    1. haha! it was sooo good, definitely go try it out! :) xxx

  2. Oh my! I love this entire concept! Bucket List! Looking forward to your future posts. :D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer’s blog in development.

  3. Looks delicious! I love Japanese food too x

  4. This looks so so yummy!! Lovely review :)

    Hayley xo


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