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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Glimpse Into My Camera Roll


My obsession with tea seems to be starting up again with all this healthy eating I've been doing. As I've been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately I picked up this 'Night Time' tea from Waitrose. It's actually helped quite a bit! Having a half hour before bed with no computer/phone, a book and a cup of this seems to help me drift right off into a peaceful slumber.

I've decided to take part in Tone It Up's Bikini Series this year as it helps promote positivity and their workouts always manage to kick my butt. Before it began they suggested that we make a 'Create Your Summer' list, including everything that you hope to do this Summer. I could've gone on for AGES but this is what I mainly hope to get done!

My best buds birthday resulted in us having a meal at Steak and Lobster near Tottenham Court Road in London. I must admit I did prefer Burger and Lobster, but the food was still tasty. Unfortunately this is the meal that led to my discovery that I am allergic to lobster (boo). I woke up the next morning with a rash covering my legs and arms and felt pretty poorly for the rest of the weekend.

 I really struggle with keeping anything a secret so I was pretty proud I managed to arrange a cake without the birthday girl knowing. As soon as she'd given me the details of where we were going for dinner, I gave the restaurant a ring and checked if I could drop a cake off an hour before our booking. Finding a gluten free cake was another matter, every evening after work I nipped into a Waitrose, Marks and Spencers and Sainsburys on the hunt for one that could pass as a birthday cake. In the end it was M&S that came up trumps with a Victorian Sponge. (Dear Supermarkets, you need to stock more gluten free cakes.)

Part of my new health kick has involved me forcing myself to leave my desk at lunch and going for a walk. I'm aiming to do around 1 and a half miles each lunch break, it's made so much easier with a good song and decent weather. 

I put together this little collage for my Instagram on National Best Friend Day (I wasn't aware this existed until this year?!) which I had seen trending on Twitter. These four are my favourites, my go-to's if I need a chat, advice or just a moan. I've got a lot of love for these girls!

Now that we're getting a bit of sunshine I think it's the perfect time for salads. I love going all out when I have the ingredients handy and this is one of those creations. Made up from a mixture of salad leaves, lettuce, mushrooms, quinoa, red peppers, tomatoes and salmon marinaded in honey, soy sauce and ginger. It was SO good, I need to make it again!

Spring cleaning my room has led to some unexpected treasures. I found this programme from back in 2008 when I was harbouring a love for David Tennant. A few friends and I travelled up to Stratford Upon Avon to see his performance in Hamlet and waited after to get our programmes signed. It was such a fun weekend!



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