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Friday, 17 January 2014


This week there have been quite a few changes happening in my life that I'm going to have to get used to. The biggest one being that my Dad has been relocated for work to Greece. As he was also my manager at work this means that I'm going to be incredibly busy the next few weeks as I have to answer all emails directed to him until he gets settled in his new office. My Mum plans on flying backwards and forwards quite often and my brother will be visiting over there quite frequently too. I've never actually been to Athens before, when visiting Greece in previous years we've always taken our holidays on the islands so it will be interesting to see what their capital is like. I can't wait to go exploring! Will definitely miss my Dad though, I'm used to seeing him pretty much all day every day and have always been a Daddy's girl. It's going to take some getting used to!

His 35th birthday, I was about 5 here with my jelly shoes and Esmeralda fancy dress. I miss the 90's!

Messing about at his leaving party
Another big change this week has been that of my hair. It's always been fairly long with it even reaching my waist at one point, but recently the growth had slowed right down. I'm going to blame it on bleaching the ends blonde but I hadn't been near a hairdressers in over a year either which probably didn't help matters. I made the decision to give it all a massive chop and despite being incredibly nervous beforehand I actually went through with it! I had been looking at styles I wanted since November, eventually asking the hairdresser for a mix between these two.

Which resulted in this!

I had a good 4-5 inches chopped off and my hair is so soft now! I do miss having long hair already but when it does grow back it'll be in such better condition than it was before. As for now, I'm actually really pleased with it!



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