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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dear Santa Wishlist

Okay so I officially suck at blogging everyday, sorry guys! I did have everything all planned out but things happening in my life right now are just making it difficult to sit down and write a post. Work is mental coming up to Christmas and I have another Law assignment due in next week for my degree. However, despite all this I have still managed to procrastinate  look at some online shops so I can write my Christmas list. I thought I'd share it with you!

I am planning on doing quite a lot of travelling next year with Thailand, Australia and possibly America on my list of places I want to go. My suitcase sadly died it's death at the end of my last holiday so I'm in desperate need of something to carry my things in! A backpack seemed like a good choice to me as it's easier to move around with. This one particularly caught my eye as it seems big enough to hold enough clothes to last a few months, has an internal laptop sleeve and a daypack that unclips from the main backpack. 

Whenever an Aunt or Uncle asks what I would like for Christmas my response is usually something to do with make-up. I really love the colour of this lipstick and I'm yet to try a YSL one so I'd love to unwrap this on Christmas Day.

3. Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

I somehow managed to lose my good blusher brush on a night out recently and I'm now using a scraggy old one. It doesn't apply powder evenly and as someone with sensitive skin I find it quite irritating and scratchy. On my hunt for a new brush I came across this set which would be perfect. I love my Real Techniques stippling brush so I know I would like the quality and the price means that it's only £5.25 per brush which is insanely good value!


I've been looking at changing up my skincare routine lately and I really do need a new makeup remover. This one supposedly focuses mainly on the lips, lashes and eyelids, softly dissolving any makeup you are wearing. I find when I'm trying to take mascara off I end up ripping out half my eyelashes, irritate my eyes and with lipstick I end up with it smeared halfway up my face. The idea of being able to remove it all quickly and mess free seems like an amazing concept to me and I really want to try this out! Best of all it's suitable for contact lens wearers, so I wouldn't have to attempt to remove my makeup without being able to see!


I get extremely cold in the Winter which I absolutely hate, I always end up wearing a ridiculous amount of layers. My Dad's always telling me off for trying to sneakily crank up the heat! Despite my many layers I haven't had a new dressing gown in years. The old one really does need replacing and this fleece robe caught my eye on a recent trip to Topshop. I love the print and it just looks so cosy, I had a feel of the fleece too and it's SO soft! If this doesn't appear under my Christmas Tree I'll definitely have to hunt it down in the January sales.

6. Samsung WB200F Camera

This is quite a pricey request given that I've already got a backpack on my list. What happens in my house is that each year my parents alternate between buying my brother or I the pricier gift.  Last year he got an iPad so this year it's my turn! I tend to ask for two as I like my parents choosing between them. Which means I still get a surprise on Christmas Morning, where's the fun in saying you want something and knowing you'll get it?! Again this would be for my travelling adventures as leaving my DSLR in a hostel room doesn't seem like the best idea. This little camera would be able to stay with me at all times and will allow me to document all the places I go to!

7. Essie Nail Polish in Bahama Mama and Smokin Hot

I only own one Essie nail polish and this really needs to change so I've put two on my Christmas list. Bahama Mama looks like a beautiful burgundy and Smokin Hot is a stone grey colour. Both would be perfect for the last few months of Winter.


Now I'm not going to lie but it was mainly the name of this product that drew me in. Sparkle. I'm clearly a magpie. As I read more about the product though I decided I really did want it as I suffer with quite dry skin. This promises to leave your body feeling polished and refreshed, I've read some amazing reviews about it and I'd love to see how my skin reacts to it.



  1. Lovely wishlist! The YSL lipstick is a really pretty shade and I've heard good things about the Clinique exfoliating cream :) xx

  2. I have the worst time with makeup removers but the clinique ones I've tried have been some of my favorite as they work really well! That robe looks so cozy!

  3. Essie Smokin Hot is on my wishlist too! Love your Wishlist and your blog!



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