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Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 - My Year In Photos

For some reason I always view an odd numbered year as one of bad luck. I always seem to have particularly good years when it's an even number, 2012, 2010 and 2008 have been particular favourites of mine. All in all I guess 2013 hasn't been so bad, there's been a lot of change.

However, I have had some pretty fantastic times too. I finally got to go to Paris, I saw Bloc Party in concert again, had a lovely chilled summer, went to some fantastic places on a cruise with my family, went to Belfast and turned 22. I'm so excited for what 2014 has to offer, particularly with travelling opportunities. I have some plans for this blog I can't wait to share with you but they shall have to wait until 1st January which is when I intend to start posting regularly again. 

Happy New Year to you all!


I saw the New Year in at a friends house party with a lot of vodka and some great company.


My best friend and I took a trip to Paris. You can read more about that here.
We also went to London for the evening, travelling to Earls Court to see Bloc Party.


On this night, whilst driving to a club, a friend and I saw a homeless woman lying in the middle of the road. We pulled over, I gave as much first aid as I could whilst he blocked the road to stop her being hit by any further cars. I could never find any information about the lady on our local newspapers website, I really hope she is okay.
I ate a lot of Wagamama's Chicken Itame dish this year, this was the first of many!


The first fancy dress event of the year, my pal and I got to dress as pirates for someones 21st birthday.
I travelled to Lourdes for the fourth time with a group called HCPT. They take disadvantaged children there every year in order to give both the kids and the parents a little break. You can find out more about this organisation here. This picture is showing one of my favourite events of the week - the Torchlight Procession.
For my pals 22nd birthday I donned my leopard print onesie and joined a group of our friends at Colchester Zoo. It was a really lovely day despite the crappy weather!


For my other friends 22nd birthday we made the journey down to Southampton where he was at University to see DJ Hannah Wants at a club there.
May was also the first BBQ I went to this Summer.


Another friends birthday and another theme, this time we had to get silly glasses to wear out. Primark didn't fail me with this pink flamingo pair!
Two of the boys suggested one afternoon that we go crab fishing which I used to LOVE when I was younger. We caught quite a few and I was quite pleased I remembered how to pick them up still!
My cousin turned 18 at the end of June, meaning I am no longer the only one who gets to go out drinking! I sorted out a night for him at a local club with predrinks at our house first. The clubs night was a 'Sleepover' theme with a giant pillow fight, I was finding feathers for days after!


I house/dogsat for my Aunt in July and made the most of a free house by having a BBQ and watching Wimbledon whilst drinking her beers. It's nice to get away and have some time to myself sometimes, I love looking after her house.
I also went to Village Green with Loriley to see what it was like. It was a lot bigger than I expected! I wrote a blog post about that here.


August saw me spending a lot of time at the Peterboat in Leigh as I became addicted to a cold glass of Pimms with some tasty prawns whilst sunning myself.
A family cruise took me to some beautiful places in mid-August, my favourite being Krka National Park in Croatia. We also stopped off in Turkey and Greece, I wrote a post about my experiences with cruises here. Sadly I was lacking many photos for this trip as my SD card decided to corrupt, I was so angry with it! They couldn't be recovered either so I lost over 300 pictures which is still incredibly frustrating.
When I got back from the cruise I was greeted by torrential rain and flooding, it took me four hours to get home from the airport when it normally takes an hour and a half. Upon getting home I quickly got dressed and headed out as it was another friends birthday, I was so pleased with my tan!
Finally, right at the end of August, it was my 22nd birthday. I celebrated by going clubbing the night before, had lunch with some friends the next day and went for dinner at a posh restaurant with my family. You can read more about my day here.


The first week of September I continued my birthday celebration with a trip to Alton Towers with 7 of my friends. We had a lot of fun in the theme park and spent the second day in Splash Landings waterpark. Camping definitely took the price down but it was so cold we eventually ended up sleeping in just the one tent! I wrote a post on this trip here.
For my Mum's birthday I wanted to do something a bit different, so I decided to take her for dinner at the OXO Tower. We had a lovely meal and it was the first time either of us had eaten there. Just thinking about the beef I had is making my mouth water, you can see a picture of it and read more about that here.
As Loriley's birthday present (way back in April) I bought her a horse experience where we could go riding together in Epping Forest. Despite a few hiccups it was a lovely day and it's really made me want to get back into horse riding again!


For Halloween my friends and I dressed up and headed out for a night of dancing. I wrote about how I made myself look like a Zombie princess here.
I also attended my first bloggers event in October for the Wonsupontime brand, I met some lovely bloggers and got to see some beautiful jewellery. I wrote more about this evening here.


For my birthday present my best friend bought me a trip to Belfast, Ireland as I'd always wanted to go to the Titanic exhibition. I've always found the story of Titanic fascinating and having never been to Ireland before it was another place to cross off my list. I posted about our trip here.


Christmas shopping with my Nan, Aunt and Mum led to us exploring both Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Burger and Lobster was by far my highlight of this day.
A night out with friends to a club in Southend I hadn't actually been to before called the Box. It didn't particularly stand out to me but I wouldn't rule out going there again.
We had a real Christmas Tree in the front room this year and it was beautiful, my parents picked the perfect one! My cats have loved sitting on the mantelpiece gentling patting the baubles until Mum catches them.
I was going to do a Christmas OOTD post but then I ended up looking like this. I found the gold dress in George for only £10 and decided it was Christmassy enough for the day. Upon opening my stocking I found myself with a silly Christmas hat and a Home Alone Christmas jumper. I couldn't resist adding my Next reindeer slippers into the mix!
Boxing Day Talk is somewhat an infamous night in my area as it's been going on for years. This year not as many people dressed up which I thought was a bit sad, but we had great fun pretending to be superheroes!



  1. Looks like such an amazing year! I'm sometimes funny about odd numbers so I know what you mean! And all your summery pictures make me wish it was warmer!

    1. I wish it was warmer too, getting bored of being cold all the time now!


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