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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What's On My Dressing Table?

I am pretty much the messiest person I know, I don't mind cleaning but keeping tidy has always been an issue for me. I like organised chaos! So I decided that whilst my dressing table looks fairly presentable, I would do a what's on my dressing table post.

The first thing I realised when I began this post was that my make-up storage isn't the best. I frequently lose things and I do need to buy more drawers to keep them in. At the moment I store my foundations on the table itself, my other face products are kept in the largest pull out drawer, on the right hand side. I've also put my Smashbox eyeshadow palette in this drawer along with one of my cleansers, some body moisturiser and face masks. It's easier to just grab them when they're spaced out like this, I also have some face paint for when Halloween comes around!.

My jewellery box is one of my favourite things I own, I love that it's mirrored and I can safely store all my necklaces, rings and bracelets in it. My earrings I keep in a grey piece of office equipment (the name escapes me!), I saw it in the Factory Shop and it might not be the prettiest but it was cheap and does the job! 

On the left hand side of my dressing table is where I keep my hair products and some moisturiser. Other products I'm just trying out are kept in the bathroom, along with most of my skincare products.  I also keep most of my nail varnishes over here. That being said, nail varnish is the one item I seem to lose so this is only showing a few that I own. Other bottles are scattered around the house, I need to collect them all up!  In the drawer underneath this is part of my lipstick collection. The products I don't tend to use as much go into this little drawer. Lipsticks I'm using more regularly are kept to the side in the plastic storage holder I purchased from eBay. 

The right hand side holds mainly perfumes. The ones I own at the moment are: Marc Jacobs - Dot, Vera Wang - Princess, Vera Wang - Lovestruck, Marc Jacobs - Honey and Versace - Vanitas. I also have Marc Jacobs Daisy which I decanted into this vintage perfume bottle that I bought in Battlesbridge last summer. You can also see a few of the little samples I picked up from my trips to Debenhams.

The drawer beneath my perfume holds quite a few of my single eyeshadows, dazzle dusts and smaller palettes.There's no order here, I pretty much just chuck everything in (again I need to sort out my storage!). The rest of my eye makeup (i.e. palettes, mascaras, eyeliner) is kept in the larger drawer, in the middle compartment. This is because I tend to use my palettes more, particularly when I'm in a rush and it's easier to grab them from here. The left hand side of the large drawer is mainly a place for me to keep my sunglasses and some hair bits!

There's also almost always a Yankee Candle burning in my room this time of year, I recently purchased this Double Hung Boney (not as rude as it sounds) as it's nearing Halloween. In each pot he has a little wax tart, Candy Corn in one and Witches Brew in the other, they smell so good! I think Witches Brew is probably my favourite of the two though!

How do you store your make-up?



  1. I love posts like this! Always gives me such good ideas-- I definitely want to get one of those lipstick holders! My makeup is always a mess and usually just ends up left all over my desk-- I don't have a good storage system...yet!

    carly || sundays grace blog

    1. it was only a few pounds from eBay, it's really handy for keeping out the lipsticks I wear most! My makeups a mess most of the time too haha! Every now and then I like to have a good cleaning spree! xx

  2. I really want a lipstick holder like that! And jealous of your Marc Jacobs 'Honey' perfume... I want!!!
    Thanks for sharing your link on the #bbloggers chat

  3. everything looks pretty :)

  4. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! The details are on my blog :) Xox


    1. Thank you! I've only just recently done a Versatile Bloggers Award post, but I really appreciate you thinking of me :) xx

  5. Hey! I've tagged you the Favourite Things In My Bedroom Tag! I hope you take part the link is, lipsticks-and-lollipops.blogspot.com.au/favourite-things-in-my-room.html and if the link doesn't work you can find the post on my blog xx

  6. What a wonderful dressing table - I wish mine was as lovely. And as tidy!


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