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Monday, 21 October 2013

Halloween Wishlist

1. Small Pumpkin Tealight Holder by Yankee Candle £6.99

Whilst buying my Boney M ornament online (see What's On My Dressing Table) I also browsed through their other Halloween themed ornaments, coming across this little tea light holder. There's still a few more weeks till Halloween so I may still buy it, it's not too pricey and it's so cute!

2. Beaded Fabric Collar by Topshop £25

This choker/collar is really making me wish I was dressing up as a vampire this year. It reminds me of Morticia Addams and would be perfect for completing your costume, adding just the right touch of gothic glamour.

This little clutch caught my eye when I was browsing through ASOS the other day. The barbed wire clasp gives it something of a SAW feel but I think this would be quite a cool little bag for winter, not just Halloween! I love the quilted midsection that's separated by tiny studs!

4. Horror Print Pyjama Trousers by Topshop £35

As soon as I get in from work at night my dress comes off and pyjama trousers go on. I'm always buying new pairs of PJ trousers and these ones look super comfy. The Halloween theme isn't too in your face but it's obvious what time of year these are for.

5. Chained Tights by Jonathon Aston £12

A friend of mine wears a lot of tights like these, I've always wanted a pair but my track record with tights isn't good. I'm always getting ladders and holes in them! As I'd only wear these once or twice at this time of year though I might be able to keep them unscathed.

6. Pumpkin Face Crop Top by Cornershop £28

 I saw this cute little crop top on Urban Outfitters, a site I frequently visit! I have some vouchers left over from both my birthday and last Christmas (I'm not sure how either) and this just seems like something festive and fun you can wear at the weekends. 

7. Blood Spatter Skater Dress by Black Milk Clothing £51

Okay, so this is technically sold out now but I still wish I owned it! Black Milk Clothing do fantastic leggings and dresses, I eagerly awaited their Halloween collection and it met my expectations. Not living in Australia is a bit of a bummer to be honest as I couldn't afford the dress and shipping.

There's quite a few pairs of these in high street stores at the moment and I love the idea of them. I much prefer ASOS's version instead of Topshop's X-Ray ones and these are not as expensive either!

9. Bat Lash Duo Set by Illamasqua £25

Having purchased my Shard lipstick from Illamasqua's Sacred Hour collection I couldn't help but have a nose at the rest of it.These lashes look as though they would really set off a Halloween look, whether you dress up as a Vampire or a witch. The fact it comes with the Swarm nail varnish is an added bonus, I've never used their nail varnishes before so I'd love to try.

10. Orange Halloween Nail Polish by Barry M £2.99

This nail varnish looks super bright! It could possibly be paired with a black polish to create pumpkin nail art, or even worn on it's own. I would probably wear this colour in the summer too so for £2.99 I think it'd go a long way.



  1. how fun are those skeleton leggings! such a fun festive post :)

    Carly || sundaysgrace.blogspot.com

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