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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloweek Zombie Princess

For some reason the clubs in my local area decided to have their Halloween nights this weekend. So my friends and I donned our scariest outfits and prepared to hit the town for a night of dancing. Having seen pictures such as these ones on Pinterest some of us decided to go as Disney Princesses, dead ones.

I watched quite a lot of tutorials on YouTube, picking things I would like to use whilst applying my make up. I began by applying my L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Ivory. Then, using a sponge, I applied liquid latex to the right hand side of my face from just above the cheekbone to about 1cm before my jaw.

 I quickly layered some tissue paper on top of the sticky substance before applying more latex on top of this, liquid latex really doesn't smell good! Whilst I waited for this to dry I applied quite a large glob of scar wax that I'd bought from Angels Fancy Dress in London to the left hand side of my forehead. Using the spatula that had accompanied it, I smoothed the edges down so that they blended into my skin. Using the other end of the spatula I cut a hole into the middle of the glob and took it out. 

At this point I applied White Snazaroo Face Paint to the whole of my face, covering both the wax and the latex so they would all be the same colour. Using a Red Snazaroo Face Paint I went around the shallower parts of the wax wound and then used a Black Cream Face Paint from Angels London to shade the deeper parts, finishing off with enough fake blood that it'd drip down my face.

I then went back to the now dry latex on my face, using nail scissors I cut through about 3/4 up of the wound so it would flap over. I tried to use the latex to stick the false nails to my face but it wasn't having it, so I used the nail glue that had come with them in the packet. 
 Using a small brush I defined the teeth by going around them with the black face paint, I chose to leave a tooth missing (what zombie has perfect teeth?!) and filled this gap in black too. I used the red face paint on the flap and around the edges before covering in more fake blood.

With my exposed collarbone I took the same method I used on my cheek, layering liquid latex and tissue paper. Once I'd cut away some of the latex I used MAC Satin Taupe on the hollows of my collarbone to make it appear more pronounced. Using the white face paint I covered the bone before adding further shading with the same eyeshadow. I went around the outside with the red face paint, using the black to shade deeper parts and added fake blood. 

Using the MAC Satin Taupe I added bruising around the wounds and darkened my eyes, I put some MAC Cranberry underneath my eyes too. I applied my Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara and some Eylure false lashes. I used my nail scissors to chop up one side of a sponge to create texture and used it to apply green around my face to give the impression it was rotting. I applied Topshop Beguiled lipstick and some more blood around my mouth before curling my hair and pinning some sections back. And voila! One Zombie Princess! (although some people seemed to think I was a Walking Dead Bride)



  1. This is SO good! Very impressive and the best I've seen yet!

  2. That's brilliant! Glad to see someone else doing Halloweek :)
    http://www.shemightbeloved.com/ xx

  3. very cool :)


  4. I absolutely LOVE this! The colar bone looks so creepy though haha! Hope you had a good night.

    Natalie xx

  5. Oh my god this make up is horrific but incredible. Great costume idea, I love any girly/turned zombie costume :)


    1. Thank you! I loved dressing up like it haha can't wait for Halloween next year! xx


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