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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Autumn Beauty Wishlist

1. Naked 2 Palette - £37

I've had my eye on this palette for ages now and I'm so tempted to buy it this Autumn. It has the perfect colours for creating looks for this season and it's been raved about all over the internet. So far the only reason I've held back has been the price, £37 seemed quite steep! Now I'm trying to fill up my MAC palette though and paying £10 for each pan it doesn't seem so bad, especially when it works out to be just over £3 a shadow. I've no doubt they will all be used so I guess I just need to bite the bullet really!

2. NARS Eye Primer - £19

I've heard nothing but praise for this product and as someone who uses concealor to prime her eyes, I think it would be good to try one actually designed for that purpose. This primer is supposed to help your eyeshadow stay on for longer, gives a smoother surface to apply it on and also keeps the shadow pigmented.

3. Laura Mercier Face Illuminator - £31

When I saw this I thought it was such a pretty colour and would look lovely on the skin. I'm definitely in need of a new highlighter at the moment as all I have at the moment is my MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush. So you may see this in a future haul!

4. OPI Peace and Love Nail Polish - £11.50

I've been loving OPI on my nails lately and the colours I've picked from their San Francsico range have been perfect for Autumn. This one's a bit different from my other two as it's holographic but that just makes me want it more! A mixture between a grey, teal and purple, it changes it's colour in the light. I think it looks so pretty! 

5. Benefit Brow Zing Brow Kit - £23.50

Currently I do NOTHING to my brows other than get them waxed from time to time. Having seen Cara Delevigne in the pictures from LFW I developed serious brow envy. Even though they're quite thick they still look so well groomed! So I've decided I need a brow kit, I've heard about this one through reviews online and it sounds as though it's perfect to carry around in your handbag with you. Containing a powder to fill in your brows, a wax to hold them in place, brushes to apply these products and a handy pair of tweezers I think this is well needed.

6. Jo Malone - Blackberry & Bay Cologne - £39

I've wanted to try a Jo Malone fragrance for quite some time now, having not actually been in a shop and had a good sniff of this cologne I'm not entirely sure if I would pick this one. It's more the name that sold it to me, blackberries signal the end of summer and made it sound perfect for Autumn. I also read a review that described it as having a 'fruity but earthy and comforting' scent. I do like fruity scents but I am aware some can be a bit too sweet. Have any of you tried this product? Or are there any other Jo Malone colognes you would recommend?

7. Benefit Rockateur Blush - £23.50

Once again I've been reading reviews and all the feedback for this blush has been positive. Rose gold is my favourite colour to wear on my cheeks and I've loved every Benefit blush I've tried previously. They come with little brushes within their packaging that I've always found quite useful!

8. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque - £22.90

I saw this hair treatment being recommended on one of Miss Glamorazzi's Fall videos from a while ago and I've been dying to try it. My hair has been dyed quite a fair few times and particularly when faced with heating it tends to frizz up quite a bit! Promising to make my hair sleek and silky I think I certainly need to fork out for this and treat my hair to some hydration!

9. Decleor Aroma Night Regenerating Beauty Cream - £33.30

As with my hair, my skin suffers from the heating and the changes in the weather during this time of the year. Having a dry skin type anyway it can get pretty dehydrated so I do really need a cream that will repair and nourish my skin overnight. I read some great reviews about this product about how it's amazing for dry skin (like mine) and smells good too! It doesn't seem too pricey either when compared to others on the market.

10. Topshop Lipstick in Trigger - £8

I haven't had a new red lipstick in such a long time and I really like the shade of this one.
I find Topshop lipsticks incredibly moisturising and soft on my lips, it's almost like a MAC lipstick but for less money!



  1. I love brow zings! I was never someone to give much attention to my brows but once I started filling them in a little bit I feel incomplete when they're not done! It is the perfect size for on the go and so nice that it has the little brushes and tweezers right inside! Also, I had wanted to try that hair masque forever but could never get myself to shell out the money & was so happy with one of the l'oreal evercream deep conditioners I used instead.

    sundays grace

    1. I'm quite interested to see the difference once I start filling them in, just always been a bit scared they might look too heavy for my face! I'll have to look into those conditioners :) thank you for recommending them!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love my naked 2 palette. I looked on my debenhams beauty club app and there's 10% off! x

    1. ooh really?! might have to pop in there on payday I've wanted it for so long! x

  4. I love this post! :) I've tagged you in the versatile blogger award! Find out more here :) x

    1. Thank you! I'll post it over the weekend at some point :) x


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